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Live Networking Music Platform

Named by combining two words “We” and “Sing”, WeSing is a global "Live Networking Music Platform" that will provide a live community with services where users can connect,
sing a song and have fun together. Participants can connect simultaneously by smartphones, PSs, Karaoke facilities augmented with online connected Set-Top Boxes on a real time basis.
Users of the platform may broadcast not only from one place, but together from geographically different places, simultaneously.

06/04/2020 WSC Delisting on Coinsuper
09/07/2019 WSC/KRW trading service
17/12/2018 An announcement of the progress status of the Wesing Platform.
24/10/2018 12:00 (GMT+8) deposit service
25/10/2018 18:00(GMT+8) WSC/BTC trading service
26/10/2018 14:00(GMT+8) withdrawal service
26/10/2018 Announcement for Listing
01/06/2021 WSC Delisting on Probit

email : wesingcoin@wesingcoin.com l weeyongs@gmail.com
telegram : t.me/wesingcoin

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We aim to secure more than 100 million users within three years by opening directly managed and affiliated "WeSing Live Platform" stores around the world where users can experiment by themselves through various features of our live platform. Our members can be rewarded with "WeSingCoin" by making active use of our platform, for example by uploading their music videos, being active chatters, voters. The amount of the reward will be computed based on the evaluation of the other members. In addition, "WeSing Live Platform" induce the emergence of various music related content like live music performances and global fan meetings where more than 1 million people in different regions can be connected in real time.

WeSing Live Platform Service

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WeSing Land

Karaoke shops or Live music studios augmented with online connected “WeSing LiveBox” Set-Top Boxes developed by our company where users can enjoy music through live broadcasting, recording, duet singing, etc.

WeSing LivePC

PC version developed for real-time music broadcasting and karaoke, targeting various music communities.

WeSing LiveAPP

Mobile app version developed for real-time music broadcasts and karaoke, targeting live music communities and individuals to easily sing and broadcast.

WeSing LiveBox

Set-top box developed for real-time music broadcasting and karaoke. It provides high quality music and video.


Token Summary

Token WSC
Buy with ETH
Platform Ethereum(ERC20)
Location Switzerland
Total issue volume Five billion

Token 1st Distribution

 Angel / Strategic investors 20%
 Presale 10%
 ICO 25%
 PR 10%
 Team & Advisors 35%


Q1, 2018

Angel and strategic investors

Q4, 2018

Enlist and trade in over exchanges in overseas in exchanges

Q2, 2019

WeSingLand Off-line Store

Q2, 2019

Begin WeSingCoin in smartphone app and set-top


Global music platform service


Global top live music platform

Our Team


Kim Sang DONG


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering, Inha University
  • 20 years of experience in video/audio streaming field
  • Awarded Minister of Science, ICT and Future Planning Award in 2013 (New Software Award)
  • Participated in development of music platform since 2003 (15 years of participation)

Attila Ferencz


  • Nationality : Roumania
  • PhD Student at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Rumania
  • Senior Researcher at the Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory and Computing Laboratory, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology
  • Participated in music platform development since 2005 (13 years of participation)
  • Server and audio division

Sergei Kuratov

Lead Developer

  • Nationality : Russia
  • Omsk Automobile and Road institute, faculty of Industrial and Civil construction, department of building designs, 1986.
  • Participated in music platform development since 2003 (15 years of participation)
  • Video Codec and Audio Codec
  • Multi media Communication

Sohn Wee Yong


  • MBA, University of Michigan (Ann Arbor)
  • Consultant at A.T.Kearney
  • CEO of Genesis Partners
  • Atlasward Co. Ltd. CEO
  • 20 years of experience in global marketing and management consulting

Gang In Gu

Music Director

  • General Director and Music Director of Green Narae ENT
  • Composed over 800 broadcasting, documentary and drama scores
  • Composer of signal music for KBS 9 o’clock News
  • Music Director of Daejeon Expo
  • Professor at Jeonghwa Arts College

Jeong Gyo Sun

Tax Adviser

  • CPA
  • Member of National Tax Services Committee
  • Tax expert

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